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With Jim Hughes’ diverse and accomplished background, Hughes Mediation & Arbitration Services, LLC is able to help businesses, organizations, groups, and people in numerous areas:


As a non-lawyer mediator and arbitrator, Jim Hughes views conflict resolution from a different perspective. During a thirty-plus year career as an oil company executive and risk manager, insurance underwriter, retail and wholesale insurance broker, and insurance company board of director member and chair, and more recently, as a mediator and an arbitrator, Jim has managed negotiations and resolved conflicts daily. His work experience enables him to quickly grasp complex issues and clearly communicate to efficiently conclude matters, thereby enabling him to save counterparties time and money. Jim is a sole practitioner, and accordingly is very responsive to clients.  Jim strongly believes “communication is the key to success” and energetically approaches dispute resolution with a fair and flexible attitude.  



Having been deposed numerous times throughout his career and resolved thousands of insurance claims involving billions of dollars, Jim understands how to succinctly, effectively, and calmly provide a professional opinion by utilizing his work experience, educational background, and strong analytical skills. Since leaving the corporate world, he has been called to opine on a wide range of international insurance disputes and claims, including energy, construction, pharmaceutical, and environmental matters.



Jim’s distinguished and long career as a risk manager, insurance underwriter, insurance broker and insurance company director, complemented by his insurance professional education, publications, and numerous lectures in university and business settings, has provided him with a unique and broad perspective and has prompted consulting engagements from various clients, including energy companies, hotel resorts, museums, and private schools. His advice and guidance has improved clients’ risk management practices, saved clients’ money and broadened clients’ insurance coverage.

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